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2019-10-12 0

Mastectomy Before And After

By Karen Smith

What is a patient to expect in mastectomy before and after the procedure? There are some clinics that offer body contouring for women after mastectomy so that they can feel feminine again.

2019-09-18 0

Breast Augmentation without Lift for Cancer Survivors

By Karen Smith

It is an option for many women nowadays to undergo cosmetic surgery. Some women opt for surgery to feel more attractive, some others have survived the horrible ordeal of breast cancer, and would opt for breast augmentation without lift, just to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Either way, breast augmentation and other types of cosmetic surgery exist to make people feel good about themselves. If you’re interested, you can visit this clinic to learn more about breast augmentation at Sydney-based Refine Clinic

2018-11-20 0

Reasons For Refusing Cancer Treatment

By Karen Smith

People diagnosed with cancer are often devastated. Once the initial shock starts to fade, they may feel isolated and helpless when making decisions about their treatment program. What is the quality of cancer treatment? Let’s look at some important factors to keep in mind that lead to refusing cancer treatment.