Author: Karen Smith


Can your regular dental 6 month check up save you from cancer?

mouth ulcer detected at 6 month check up

Regular dental check-ups allow the dentist to check if you have any dental problems and they help to keep the mouth healthy. When problems lay untreated they may lead to tooth loss and pain. It could also lead to a condition becoming progressively worse while it could have been detected relatively early had one visited the dentist earlier. Prevention is better than cure. Read more about preventive dentistry at

Cancer Facts

Immunotherapy And Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments


So you’ve been told that your cancer is treated with chemo. What does it mean exactly? Are the side effects as harmful as you heard? How effective is that? Why not a different kind of treatment? What about immunotherapy? These are essential questions that you should ask your doctor. To give you a head start here’s some necessary information about these two common cancer therapies: immunotherapy and chemotherapy.