Serious Health Risks of Having Crooked Teeth

Serious Health Risks of Having Crooked Teeth

2018-04-02 1 By Karen Smith

Besides being unsightly and cause of emotional issues, crooked teeth can result in severe dental problems. The reasons why some people develop crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth are a result of having a small mouth that cannot contain the size of their teeth. Also, another reason is, if the lower and lower jaw isn’t the same size or not aligned properly. This issue can result in overbite between upper and lower jaw.

Excessively placed, crooked or misaligned teeth can wear over time and result in teeth weakening and eventually fall out. Other serious issues come as a result of having crooked teeth include:

  • A headache
  • Jaw pain
  • Cleaning teeth difficulties
  • Potential increase in tooth decay, gingivitis and cavities
  • Gum diseases

Additionally, there is more problem come as result of misaligned and crooked teeth:tooth loss

  • Proper chewing interference
  • Strains the jaws, muscles and teeth hence increase the risk of tooth break
  • Affects other people self-esteem in that they become self-conscious concerning their appearance
  • Excessive tooth wear

If oral bacteria are not thoroughly cleared, gum disease can result systemic, this implies that the health of entire body can be ruined. National Institute of Health observed that an increased pneumonia, heart disease and diabetes comes as a result of the presence of the periodontal disorder. Also, a woman may likely experience a pre-term delivery or low-weight birth.

When teeth are aligned properly, the gums can perfectly fit snugly against the bone, else, these can result from space to more space for bacteria. Deep pockets on the gum that develop due to crooked teeth can cause periodontitis or commonly identify as gum disease causes, soreness, bad breathe sensitivity and tooth loss.

Despite a desire of having straight teeth most of the people consider to go to their reliable Croydon dentist in Maroondah Dental Care to ask what treatment to fix their crooked teeth and they will recommend you to use braces.