Breast Augmentation without Lift for Cancer Survivors

Breast Augmentation without Lift for Cancer Survivors

2019-09-18 0 By Karen Smith

It is an option for many women nowadays to undergo cosmetic surgery. Some women opt for surgery to feel more attractive, some others have survived the horrible ordeal of breast cancer, and would opt for breast augmentation without lift, just to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Either way, breast augmentation and other types of cosmetic surgery exist to make people feel good about themselves. If you’re interested, you can visit this clinic to learn more about breast augmentation at Sydney-based Refine Clinic

What is breast reconstruction surgery?

This refers to the process by which the breast would be rebuilt. Doctors would use excess fat or in some cases artificial implants to reconstruct the breast. They would often use the same skin that was taken from the breast to make sure it would look and feel as real as possible. After some healing time has passed, doctors could then reconstruct the nipple and place it atop the new breast. All of these elements would be reconstructed out of the tissue and skin of the patient.

Are there any risks?

breast augmentation without liftJust like any surgery, there are risks. These risks might include but are not limited to loss of sensation in the surgical site, bleeding, possible anesthesia risks and incomplete healing of the wound. However, women who have lost their breasts to cancer are willing to look past these risks, most of the time. They want to have a chance to have everything go back to normal after surviving.

Will health insurance cover the cost?

In some cases, medical coverage would be granted if the breast reconstruction surgery was done because of a medical need, such as the reconstruction of the breast because of a mastectomy.

Are you considering this type of surgery?

There is no harm in having this type of surgery done. It does not increase the risk of cancer reoccurrence. However, it does not prevent cancer from coming back either. Whether you decide to undergo this type of breast surgery or not, it would be important to do everything that makes you feel normal again.