Chances Of Getting Mouth Cancer From Dip

Chances Of Getting Mouth Cancer From Dip

2019-09-19 0 By Karen Smith

We all know that smoking can be detrimental to one’s health. But then what about dipping tobacco, or what is more commonly known as “dip” or “chew”? Are there equal chances of getting mouth cancer from dip as from regular cigarette smoking? More information on this website.


What is dip?


Dip or dipping tobacco is a type of “smokeless” tobacco product. There is no need to light this on fire to use it, like a normal tobacco cigarette. All the user would have to do would be to take a pinch and then place it in between their lip and gum.


Dip is fairly less harmful than tobacco that is smoked, but then just because it is “less” harmful, it does not mean it is safe to use. Any kind of tobacco can have devastating effects on one’s health.


What types of cancer are caused by dip?

Although lung cancer is not on the list, there are still several cancers that can be caused by dip, as well as many other diseases and health risks.


chances of getting mouth cancer from dipMouth cancer. Since the tobacco is chewed, the main organs that will be affected would be the mouth, gums, and cheeks.


Pancreatic cancer. About 25% of pancreatic cancers are brought about by the use of smokeless tobacco.


Cancer of the esophagus. Smokeless tobacco users increase their risk of getting cancers related to the throat, esophagus, pharynx, and larynx.


Just because it doesn’t have smoke, it doesn’t mean it is any less hazardous to the health. By chewing dip, the user would be getting just as much nicotine as a regular smoker. The chances of getting mouth cancer – and many other various forms of cancer – are just as high. It is always just safer to stay away from any tobacco product and try to quit if you have already started using these harmful products.