General oral health issues: Can cavities kill you? When to see a dentist.

General oral health issues: Can cavities kill you? When to see a dentist.

2019-11-15 0 By Karen Smith

It can be alarming to have oral problems, but can cavities kill you? This is a question that boggles many. Is there any truth to this oral health myth? You can visit dental professionals who work at this dental clinic in Sunbury one can find an emergency appointment in case you would need dental work done.


What are cavities?

Cavities form in the mouths of patients that practice poor oral health habits. They are considered to be “permanent damage to the teeth, and they cause holes on the teeth surface that could grow in time, as the cavity is left untreated.


What causes cavities?

The most common cause of cavities would be bad oral health practices. If a person fails to brush and floss properly at least twice a day, they would be a greater risk of them developing cavities. The plaque on teeth that are not washed away by brushing and good oral health habits are the primary cause of cavities. Bacteria will eat away at the teeth which have plaque and tartar buildup that can accumulate on teeth.


To make things simple, cavities are caused by eating and not cleaning away the left-over food particles often enough. If there is a plaque or any small particles that are left on teeth, bacteria will gather on those particles and cause the cavities.


Why are they dangerous?

Cavities are very dangerous because if they go untreated, they can potentially develop into deeper and more serious oral health issues such as tooth infections and tooth abscesses that can have serious adverse effects on teeth. If cavities are left untreated, they can cause tooth loss, gum loss and even loss and deterioration of the jaw bone.

They might be dangerous, but can cavities kill you?

It may be hard to believe, but yes, there is a potential for cavities that are left untreated to kill a person. Cavities can develop into tooth decay, and serious tooth decay, when left untreated may cause tooth abscesses to develop in teeth. These abscesses can lead to the patient becoming septic, which can eventually lead to death. 


Technically, cavities in teeth cannot kill you outright, but they can start a chain of unwanted events that may potentially lead to death. This is why if a cavity is discovered, it is crucial to see a dentist and have them administer treatment to the cavity before it has a chance to develop into something more serious.


Prevention is better than cure

can cavities kill you

Any doctor or dentist will tell you that practicing good prevention techniques will always be better than finding a cure for a health issue. This is why it is important to prevent cavities from forming by brushing after every meal, or at least swishing water around the mouth if you cannot brush right away, flossing and using a good mouthwash that kills bacteria.


Keeping your appointments with your dentist will also ensure that your oral health stays in the best possible shape. If you consistently maintain good oral health habits, you will be at less risk of developing cavities.