Qualities of an on the job training dental assistant

Qualities of an on the job training dental assistant

2019-10-14 0 By Karen Smith

Dental assistants are essential in a successful dental practice. They perform various tasks to make the profession easier and less stressful for the dentist and other dental professionals. Their skills and knowledge about dental care should then be of utmost importance for them to perform these tasks. From simple tasks like how to use a dental handpiece to handling complex cases, an on the job training dental assistant should then be equipped with all the qualities that a dentist would require of them.


How to become a dental assistant

There are different requirements that are needed to be accomplished before one becomes a dental assistant. Schooling typically lasts for one to two years, and this depends on the degree you are pursuing. If you are pursuing to have a certificate, you can expect that the training is shorter than someone who aims to achieve a diploma or an associate degree. There are some states who do not actually require a certificate, but those who have one certainly have an advantage in skills and knowledge.


What an on-the-job training dental assistant should have

Administrative skills

Dental assistants and all-around dental personnel that assists not only on dental procedures but also on office works. This is the reason why an on-the-job training dental assistant should be knowledgeable about different software applications that help a dental office organize their appointment scheduling, patient records, and dental laboratory files. Dental assistants also perform patient interviews and scheduling, so they can also act as the dental office staff.

Technical skills

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Dental assistants still need the supervision of a licensed dental practitioner to perform dental procedures, but this would not stop them from perfecting their craft. Of course, on-the-job training dental assistants need to know the technical aspects of each procedure so they would understand why they are performing it and what is the outcome of the procedure. From assisting in taking imaging like x-rays, to preparing the dental instruments and equipment, to understanding the difference between a dental emergency and a regular check-up, aspiring dental assistants need to know all these and more.

Interpersonal skills

Of course, dental assistants perform various tasks in and out of a dental office, so the need to have a good relationship with co-workers is a must. One should know how to work well with a team.  An on-the-job training dental assistant should know how to cope with stressful situations like during a dental emergency. He should also know how to work with the team to achieve a common goal, and that is to provide high-quality dental care for their patients. Professionalism and customer service skills are very important, so that your colleagues, as well as the patients can be confident in your skills and knowledge. They can be at ease with the knowledge that an efficient dental assistant trainee supervised by a licensed dentist is handling their case.