Brown Spot On Eye, Is It Alarming? (Causes And When You Should See A Doctor)

Brown Spot On Eye, Is It Alarming? (Causes And When You Should See A Doctor)

2021-01-12 0 By contentwriter

A little longer time on the mirror and you will eventually notice things you haven’t before, even a brown spot on eye.  These discoveries are not only fascinating but can also be concerning. And even a trivial thing such as a small brown spot could hide an alarming situation. The best thing to do when you suspect a brown eye is to see professionals. The experts at can detect eye cancer through advanced technology and machines. However, some people just do not see the urgency to see a professional. After all, how could a small pigmentation impose dangers on eye health?


What Does Brown Spot On Eye Indicate?

Also called eyeball spots or eye freckles, this pigmentary condition could arise from either serious illness or harmless causes. And it presents as white, black, red, yellow, or brown pigment on your eye. These blots are visible to other people as well. Hence, it is different from the spots in your vision, called the floaters. These dark spots could be anywhere on the iris or sclera. The common types of ocular spot include:

  • brown spot on eye indicationsNevus

Looking similar to the regular moles, specific cells produce these coloured surface growth. These cells are responsible for providing pigments in the eyes and skin. And when many of these cells clump together, they become a nevus or could even trigger cancer.

  • Iris Freckle

The coloured part of the eyes could also form these spots. However, the formation is closer to the regular freckles than moles. But, its location does not alter vision nor change the shape of the eye. And compared to the nevus, these freckles typically form after birth.


What are the causes of eyeball spots?

There could be multiple reasons why you have coloured marks on your eyes. While some could be naturally-occurring, some could be symptoms of a significant medical condition. Here are some causes of your eye flecks or moles:

Racial melanosis

The development of dark spots on the back of the eye is more common to people with lighter skin tones. This often presents as brown spots with an irregular shape.


Some eye medications contain elements that may darken the conjunctiva. And the manufacturing process could include silver preparations, which result in discoloured changes.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage

Also known as the bloodshot eye, this condition often presents when the white part of the eye or sclera becomes red. This event happens when the vessels dilate or swell.

Axenfeld Nerve Loops

Nerves normally twist and turn on the eye. But there are circumstances where these loops could lead to cancer.

Eye melanoma

This serious ocular setting happens when cancer forms on the melanin-producing cells of the eye.


When To See A Doctor

when to get brown spot on eye checked

Going to a reliable eye doctor will not only sort out your concerns. But also pave for a thorough examination to prevent future issues. Through advanced technology, it is easy detecting colour changes at the back of the eye, like ocular melanoma. When you experience symptoms like flashing lights, increased floating spots, changes or loss in vision, and growing marks, you should seek a doctor immediately.


The Wrap-up

Even when brown spots are often not serious, it could be a sign of illness or progressive cancer. And without the right treatments, you might even risk vision loss. Some complications include conjunctivitis, the spread of cancer, and increasing pain. Hence, it is vital to opt for examination when these tiny, coloured changes occur. And only through the right specialist and experts can you ensure the comprehensive examination and accurate diagnosis of your eye condition.