Author: Karen Smith

2019-07-13 0

Bone cancer in children

By Karen Smith

Bone cancer in children is one of the most common types of cancers in children. It usually occurs in the long bones such as legs, arms, and pelvis.

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Oral Cancer Screening Devices

By Karen Smith

You are likely to hear different people talk of oral cancer but have you ever asked how they diagnose this? A dentist near Putney talks about oral screening and how it became a basic need when you visit your dentist beacause of the increasing number of cancer patients across the world. Screening process can be done by your doctor or dentist using oral cancer screening devices that perfectly brings out the state of the oral structure.

2019-06-07 0

Oral cancer screening cost and more

By Karen Smith

Majority of people tend to keep on hold of their usual dental checkups because they are afraid of dentists and the thought of all sorts of dental equipment they see in a dental clinic. Oral cancer screening is one of the dental checkups patients are afraid of most and this fear is growing among many people. Knowing the oral cancer screening procedures and the reason why it is necessary will help get rid of some of the fears. You can visit oral cancer screening for more information about it.

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The Oral Cavity Cancer Staging

By Karen Smith

Oral cavity cancer staging is very important for oral cancer patients as it supports in the treatment process. Symptoms like mouth sores and bleeding will give the current condition of cancer and tells the doctors whether it has spread to other parts. Before any treatment of the oral cavity cancer, it’s important to understand the oral cavity cancer staging and know the extent of its effects.

2019-05-01 0

Breast implants and cancer: Are they related?

By Karen Smith

Breast implants are now facing a new controversy. Use of certain breast implants can now lead to an uncommon cancer of the immune system according to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Very limited knowledge has been gathered till now and therefore, the research in the field to establish the relationship between breast implants and cancer need to be done extensively.