How To Support A Friend With Cancer

How To Support A Friend With Cancer

2019-01-17 0 By Karen Smith

If your friend has cancer, you could be wondering how to best support him/her. What should you do or say? Should you shy away from talking to them? What advice would you give to them? Even if you want to help, it can be hard for you to know what to say or do.

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Here are the best tips on how to support a friend with cancer.  

You need to be specific. A desire to help your friend in any way s/he needs is often overwhelming. Your friend may not have the energy to think through what s/he needs. Take time to look at his/her home, medical, family, and social needs. Then give him/her a list of things that you can either help with or do.  

If you got a personal care skill, for example manicuring, massaging, or hairdressing, offer your services for a session, without charging any money. Go to the friend’s home if it is possible. Any of these things will be delightful. We are all aware that there is nothing like a little pampering when one doesn’t feel their best.  

How to support a friend with cancer

If you have limited time or if you live a distance away from your friend, there are a list of items you can give individually to the friend, or in a lovely gift box. In the list are the following: reading materials or gift cards to purchase reading materials, CDs or gift cards for downloadable music, accessories or beauty items, gift cards to grocery stores, house cleaning services, etc 

You can also form support teams to help a friend living with cancer. Ensure that you and your friend have access to tools that coordinate activities among caregivers and other friends.  

People are different regarding how they cope with cancer treatment. The most important support you can give to a cancer patient is just finding time to show that you care. 

Continue your friendship and do not stop your regular activities after the cancer diagnosis. This is a great way to quicken the healing process further.  

Do not forget that your friend needs support even after cancer treatment is finished. This is the time your friend will be establishing his/her “new normal,” and a good friend will be an essential aspect of achieving that.