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2019-08-01 0

The Methods of Nose Cancer Treatment

By Karen Smith

Nose cancer is quite a rare decease. It grows from epithelial cells lining the mucous membrane. This is a very dangerous form of cancer. The tumor progresses rather quickly and spreads to the sinuses of the nose – maxillary and frontal, and also grows into the base of the brain. A nose cancer treatment would sometimes require a surgery to get rid of the tumor. This can affect the nose aesthetics but you don’t have to worry so much as you can reshape at rhinoplastsydneycost.

2019-07-22 0

Why do children get cancer?

By Karen Smith

Childhood cancer makes up less than one percent of all cancers. These types of cancer are different from those seen in adults. Childhood cancer is rare although it’s among the leading cause of death in many children. Know and read more about childhood cancer on this site.

2019-07-13 0

Bone cancer in children

By Karen Smith

Bone cancer in children is one of the most common types of cancers in children. It usually occurs in the long bones such as legs, arms, and pelvis.

2019-07-05 0

Oral Cancer Screening Devices

By Karen Smith

You are likely to hear different people talk of oral cancer but have you ever asked how they diagnose this? A dentist near Putney talks about oral screening and how it became a basic need when you visit your dentist beacause of the increasing number of cancer patients across the world. Screening process can be done by your doctor or dentist using oral cancer screening devices that perfectly brings out the state of the oral structure.

2019-05-01 0

Breast implants and cancer: Are they related?

By Karen Smith

Breast implants are now facing a new controversy. Use of certain breast implants can now lead to an uncommon cancer of the immune system according to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Very limited knowledge has been gathered till now and therefore, the research in the field to establish the relationship between breast implants and cancer need to be done extensively.

2019-04-05 0

Chemotherapy; How It Triggers Cavities Between Teeth

By Karen Smith

Chemotherapy not only cures cancer but also comes with a bunch of side effects. Apart from hair loss, it tampers with the oral health of an individual. Such complications may be permanent or temporary. Cavities between teeth, are one of the complications brought about by this type of cancer treatment especially if it involves the mouth and the neck. This teeth cavity problem may also come with misaligned bites which might require you to use a teeth straightenig device.

2019-04-04 0

How to Prevent Oral Cancer

By Karen Smith

When it comes to oral health, most people focus on avoiding cavities or eliminating bad breath. People don’t put much thought about oral cancer and how to prevent it. Cancer of the oral cavity (including the lips, tongue and the cheeks) as well as the oropharynx (including the throat, tonsils and the soft palate) can appear in a number of ways and can be difficult to spot in most cases. But if you maintain preventative dental care services |, it is most likely to be prevented. When oral cancer is undiagnosed in the initial stages, complications will spread to the lymph nodes and will make the condition worst.