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Tongue Cancer – Symptoms and Prevention

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Cancer is a disease that has come to be a disaster all over the world. Almost every day new forms of cancer are discovered. It affects everywhere from the mouth, tongue, neck, kidneys, liver among many other parts of the body. Tongue cancer is also known as oral cancer. It is a type of head and neck cancers. This type of cancer is reported to have high death rates due to its late-stage discovery. It occurs when cells of the tongue grow abnormally and form tumors. Tongue cancer is widespread mostly among adults. Rarely do you find it in children? Its crystal clear that this kind of cancer disease can cause a lot of inconveniences if it comes to affect you. You will not be able to eat comfortably and even talking will be a lot more problem. Let’s explain it and find out more on its causes, symptoms and its prevention.

Causes of Tongue Cancer

There are many causes of mouth cancer but the following are some of the most commonly witnessed causes:

  • Tongue cancer is caused by a virus called the Human Papillomavirus. It is a sexually transmitted infection that puts you at a high risk of getting oral cancer.improper care teeth
  • High consumption of alcohol.
  • Prolonged use of tobacco.
  • Liver cirrhosis can also increase your odds of getting oral cancer.
  • Lack of proper care of gums and teeth.
  • Smoking as well is another cause of tongue cancer.
  • Being affected by syphilis can also increase your chances of tongue cancer infection.

Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

Here is a list of symptoms of tongue cancer. Remember there are two types of tongue cancers, oral tongue cancer and base of tongue cancer.

Oral Tongue Cancer

  • Presence of lump on the upper part of the tongue especially the part touching the teeth
  • Red, dark or white patches on the tongue
  • Bleeding of the lump

A base of Tongue Cancer

  • Growth of tumor
  • Facing a lot of difficulties while swallowing
  • Changes in your voice
  • An ulcer or a lump in the throat or the neck

How Is Tongue Cancer Diagnosed?

If you find yourself experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, you need to be diagnosed. The first step to diagnosing tongue cancer is through a process called biopsy. This is where the tissues samples of the affected parts are taken for further examination by the pathologist. It can as well be diagnosed with special X-rays such as CT-scans or Parex. Both ways will provide a comprehensive information you need to know about the state of tongue cancer.

How To Treat Tongue Cancer?

It’s quite complicated to treat tongue cancer because tongue cancer treatment requires a surgery. Furthermore, you can undergo chemotherapy, radiation or both before and after the surgery. This is mainly to ensure that it shrinks the tumor in the tongue, therefore, preventing its reinfection.

Tongue Cancer Preventiondrinking alcohol

There are a number of things you can do to prevent tongue cancer:

  • Get a vaccination for HPV
  • Use a latex condom during sexual intercourse
  • Avoid use of tobacco
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • Always keep your teeth and gum neatly

Tongue cancer could be a dangerous disease. The fact that it is quite difficult to diagnose at early stages further aggravates its chances of causing death. However, having this information regarding tongue cancer, all the way from symptoms to diagnosis and prevention, is a little ray of hope. Keep off the acts that could make you vulnerable to such illness. Prevention is better than cure.

Maintaining the cleanliness of oral or dental health is important to avoid the symptoms of tongue cancer.

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