Need A Child’s Dentist? Pediatric Dentistry Should Start Early

Need A Child’s Dentist? Pediatric Dentistry Should Start Early

2020-02-21 0 By Karen Smith

Everybody needs to visit the dentist. Pediatric dentists exist to serve young dental patients from childhood to adulthood. What age should children start visiting the dentist? This article will answer this question as well as discuss the advantages of visiting a pediatric dentist. Visit your pediatric dentist to avoid any oral issues while your child is still young.

What is a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a specialized dentist that tends to the oral health of children and adolescents. They are trained to care for the teeth and gums of children in all stages of childhood until they reach adolescence.

Caring for your child’s teeth

Many people have the wrong notion that they do not need to take care of their children’s teeth. This notion springs from the thinking that the teeth of children will be replaced with permanent ones, and therefore do not need to be taken care of. However, this is a wrong notion. The moment children get their first teeth, proper oral care should be given to the pediatric

Parents should take time to brush the baby teeth of their child to ensure that no cavities will form on the teeth. As the child grows, they should teach the child proper brushing and flossing techniques, even if they do not have permanent teeth yet. This will instill good oral health habits from an early age as well as keep the child’s mouth healthy.

Advantages of visiting a pediatric dentist

It was originally thought that the right age to start dental treatment in children is 14 or 15 years old. At this point, all the baby teeth should have fallen out by then. However, new studies have shown that it is much better to get a child started on oral health when they are 6 or 7 years old. By this time, all the child’s first teeth will have grown in and require oral care. Here is a list of the advantages of having early oral care for your child.


Having a child visit a dentist early will prevent oral issues from forming later in life. The dentist may detect that the teeth of the child will be too big for their jawline. The dentist will then be able to recommend early prevention methods to avoid tooth malocclusion.

Early detection of oral issues

If any oral issues are detected, it is always better to treat them early rather than wait for when they will be more serious. Oral issues that are detected early will also be easier to treat rather than more severe ones.

Treatment for any oral issues

The dentist will be able to provide prompt treatment for oral issues in the child. If they are experiencing pain, the dentist can find out what the cause is and treat it upon discovery.

Do you have a child that needs a pediatric dentist?

If you have a child that has minor dental problems, it is a good idea for you to find a good pediatric dentist as early as now. Even if your child has seemingly good teeth and healthy gums, you should still have them visit a pediatric dentist.