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2021-11-13 0

What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like? 8 Features of Mouth Cancer

By Karen Smith

Mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, is head and neck cancer that frequently goes under oral and oropharyngeal cancer classification. This type of cancer can appear in the mouth or the lips, including the tongue, cheeks, and gums. So, what does mouth cancer look like? Usually, cancer in the mouth appears as a bump or a spot that differs from its surrounding. If you notice unusual things in your mouth, it is important to consult your dentist. They will examine your symptoms to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment. In any case, in this article, we will explore what mouth cancer looks like in the different affected areas. So you can be aware of the warning signs you need to notice.

2021-10-25 0

Are Dark Gums In Child Dangerous? (8 Common Causes)

By Karen Smith

The natural color of gums is pink. So, noticing dark gums in a child or dark spots in gums can be frightening. Numerous things may cause this, and most of them are not dangerous. You can talk to a doctor or dentist if you are in need of professional help to ensure that the dark-colored gums do not pose a threat. In fact, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Read on to understand the most common reason for dark gums in children to determine if they need immediate dental care treatment.

2021-10-17 0

What Does It Mean To Have Swollen Gums Around Teeth?

By Karen Smith

Swollen gums around teeth are a common symptom for many various conditions. Usually, this happens because of poor dental hygiene that leads to oral health issues. If you have swollen gums, it would be best to consult your family dentist to check your condition and provide early treatment. So, what does it mean if your gums are swelling around your teeth? And what can you do to treat it? Let this article tell you the most common causes of swelling around your teeth, including the treatment to keep your mouth smiling.

2020-10-24 0

How Safe Are Dental Implants Nowadays?

By Karen Smith

Dental implants are placed to substitute tooth roots that provide support for permanent or removable teeth replacement that are specifically designed to match the natural teeth. It may sound a little intricate and you’re probably wondering how safe are dental implants? Sydney Laser Dental Care is one of the clinics that you can trust when it comes to dental implant surgery.

2020-02-08 0

Why Do Cancer Patients Have Frequent Wisdom Teeth Bleeding?

By Karen Smith

Cancer affects any part of a person’s body and can affect healthy cells as well. Thus, this kind of illness may become terminal for a person’s health. You may search online for tips on how to recover fast after wisdom teeth removal for someone with cancer. This information can significantly help them adjust to the effects of treatments for their illness. Good news is that some patients may still recover from their cancer period and can stop the cancer cells from recurring. If you’re looking for more information about dental health and cancer, you should have precautions with wisdom teeth bleeding too.

2019-10-14 0

Qualities of an on the job training dental assistant

By Karen Smith

Dental assistants are essential in a successful dental practice. They perform various tasks to make the profession easier and less stressful for the dentist and other dental professionals. Their skills and knowledge about dental care should then be of utmost importance for them to perform these tasks. From simple tasks like how to use a dental handpiece to handling complex cases, an on the job training dental assistant should then be equipped with all the qualities that a dentist would require of them.