Can Bad Breath Detect Cancer?

Can Bad Breath Detect Cancer?

2018-03-16 1 By Karen Smith

Bad breath or halitosis has many causes. It could be from poor dental hygiene or simply determined by the meal taken. Different bad breath odors may depend on the underlying cause. It has been said that bad breath can be caused by cancer.

Many pieces of research have been done on the causes of bad breath. The breath can say more about an individual than just the food has been taken. This means that, no matter how regular you floss, brush your teeth or how frequent you chew mint, some bad breaths cannot just go away without screening to determine the underlying cause. Research done has proven that bad breath can be used to detect early stages of cancer to show whether it is benign or malignant. For example, bad breath can be used to determine the malignant or benign pulmonary nodules. The following cancers can be detected through bad breath analysis:

Stomach Cancer

The development of a new breath technology called Nanoarray Analysis can be used to identify stomach cancer which is much more cost-effective and less invasive than the current method of performing an endoscopy. This works through detection of levels of volatile organic compounds which differs according to the disease in question.

Lung Cancerlung cancer xray

Biopsies and ultrasound scans detect lung cancer. Using the breath testing method has been studied and proved effective. This is performed through the use of a pre-programmed electronic device which measures the levels of volatile organic compounds.

Liver Cancer

A characteristic musty and ammonia-like breath can be used to detect liver cancer. This detects early stages of liver cancer.

Can bad breath detect cancer? You have your answer. However, don’t mistake bad breath caused by poor dental hygiene with cancer. If you have kept your mouth clean and still the bad breath persists, then it is high time you consult a doctor and undergo cancer screening procedures.

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