Warning Signs of Throat Cancer

Warning Signs of Throat Cancer

2017-11-15 1 By Karen Smith

Throat cancer usually does not cause symptoms until it reaches the last stages, but at times it can, and if it’s detected on time then you have chances of getting it treated effectively.

Nothing in this list can replace the advise from a cancer specialist or an oral health therapist.

Without letting your wait any further, let us discover some of the warning signs of throat cancer that you need to watch out for, and if you do notice them you must contact your doctor immediately.

Early Signs of Throat Cancer

A Lump in the Neck

A cancer in the throat can easily cause a lump in the neck, though this symptom need not be present always.

Temporary neck lumps may develop because of upper respiratory infections, but when the infection clears and the lumps can still be felt, go to your physician as soon as possible.

If a neck lump appears even if there’s no infection or remains even after the infection’s cured then this can
be one of the warning signs.

Coughing up Blood

Not only cancer, other conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia can also make one spit or cough up blood.

However, what you need to remember is that the same can also happen if a person has developed throat cancer. The coughed-up blood in such cases is generally bright red in color and appears bubbly because of it getting mixed with mucus and air.

You feel like something’s stuck in your throat

throat cancer symptoms

If you always feel like there’s something stuck or present in your throat then this may mean a tumor has developed there and has blocked a certain part. People may even find it difficult to swallow food.

Sudden Change in Voice

If cancer develops on the vocal cords then it can cause a change in the pitch and sound of the voice. Fortunately, it’s easy to identify such changes, which leads to an early diagnosis, and thus there are chances of one being treated on time.

Remember, if you notice any such symptoms you must seek medical help without wasting any time. You may not necessarily be suffering from throat cancer, but if you do, then with timely medical help and early detection, you will be able to fight this disease and get completely cured.