The Methods of Nose Cancer Treatment

The Methods of Nose Cancer Treatment

2019-08-01 0 By Karen Smith

Nose cancer is quite a rare decease. It grows from epithelial cells lining the mucous membrane. This is a very dangerous form of cancer. The tumor progresses rather quickly and spreads to the sinuses of the nose – maxillary and frontal, and also grows into the base of the brain.  A nose cancer treatment would sometimes require a surgery  to get rid of the tumor. This can affect the nose aesthetics but you don’t have to worry so much as you can reshape at rhinoplastsydneycost.

Nose cancer treatment is a big problem for oncologists, taking in account its high aggressiveness and anatomical proximity with vital organs – the brain, the respiratory tract. The nose cancer treatment is conducted in modern clinics with the latest technologies.

Treatments for nasal cancer include:

·Surgical removal of the tumor;

·Radiation; nose cancer treatment


Surgical removal of a cancerous tumor is most effective in stages 1-2, when its complete excision is possible with removal of the nearest lymph nodes. The operation is necessarily complemented by a course of radiotherapy and polychemotherapy.

In the nose cancer treatment in Israel and USA, the program is drawn up individually, depending on the form and stage of the cancer, and complies with the protocols adopted by the World Health Organization. Surgical removal of a tumor that grows in the sinuses and bones is carried out by high-class specialists, in collaboration with plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty or reconstruction of the removed facial bones. With tumor inoperability, stereotactic radiosurgery is used. Polychemotherapy, as a rule, is carried out in all stages of nose cancer treatment, starting with the 2nd, and several chemotherapy drugs are used with a different mechanism of influence on the tumor. Radiotherapy is carried out under the control of modern tomographs that accurately determine the dose, time and place of irradiation of the tumor.

All modern methods are combined and provide the best results for the nose cancer treatment in clinics in spite of the bad background of a common adverse situation.