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2018-11-27 0

Immunotherapy And Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments

By Karen Smith

So you’ve been told that your cancer is treated with chemo. What does it mean exactly? Are the side effects as harmful as you heard? How effective is that? Why not a different kind of treatment? What about immunotherapy? These are essential questions that you should ask your doctor. To give you a head start here’s some necessary information about these two common cancer therapies: immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

2018-09-02 0

Understanding Immunotherapy For Breast Cancer

By Karen Smith

Eventually, we’ll all have encountered how pulverizing it is the point at which a malady strikes a friend or family member; and when it’s an illness that could have been distinguished sufficiently early to be dealt with, the effect is significantly more prominent; breast cancer is simply such a sickness. Families are being denied by moms, sisters, and girls consistently; and it truly doesn’t need to be that way. Most nations around the globe have breast cancer mindfulness days and, not exclusively do they raise the attention to the issue for ladies, they likewise complete a stunning activity in fund-raising to help figure out how to battle and fix this form of cancer.