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2019-08-04 0

Tooth Resorption and Cancer

By Karen Smith

There is a lot of interconnection between tooth resorption and cancer following the danger that causes to the entire body. When tooth resorption is experienced, it requires prompt action to mitigate the effect. An internal resorption is caused by a physical injury to a tooth and you’ll need to replace broken teeth as the danger posed by the condition can negatively impact the dental structure even more than the tooth decay or other dental diseases that are common.

2019-06-05 0

The Oral Cavity Cancer Staging

By Karen Smith

Oral cavity cancer staging is very important for oral cancer patients as it supports in the treatment process. Symptoms like mouth sores and bleeding will give the current condition of cancer and tells the doctors whether it has spread to other parts. Before any treatment of the oral cavity cancer, it’s important to understand the oral cavity cancer staging and know the extent of its effects.

2019-04-04 0

How to Prevent Oral Cancer

By Karen Smith

When it comes to oral health, most people focus on avoiding cavities or eliminating bad breath. People don’t put much thought about oral cancer and how to prevent it. Cancer of the oral cavity (including the lips, tongue and the cheeks) as well as the oropharynx (including the throat, tonsils and the soft palate) can appear in a number of ways and can be difficult to spot in most cases. But if you maintain preventative dental care services | drdentistsliverpool.com.au/about-us, it is most likely to be prevented. When oral cancer is undiagnosed in the initial stages, complications will spread to the lymph nodes and will make the condition worst.