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Signs and Symptoms of Stage 1 Oral Cancer

By Karen Smith

Oral cancer is cancer that occurs in the mouth and can spread to the head and neck of the patient. Oral cancer is one of the several types of cancer. It is caused by several factors such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and by excessive use of teeth whitening products. You can prevent oral cancer by avoiding the risk factors that cause it.

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Symptoms Of Blood Cancer

By Karen Smith

When you have blood cancer, the bone marrow starts producing white cells in an uncontrolled manner, and in vast quantities; this results in the disruption in the normal functioning of the body. If detected at an early stage, the patient can be cured.

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Palette Mouth Cancer Symptoms

By Karen Smith

We all fear the dreaded disease that Cancer is. But, the magnitude of mouth Cancer among people has just increased over the years. This just goes to show the lack of responsibility among them. Some know the consequences of the disease, yet live in hope that it might just evade them. Bad habits contribute to bad dental hygiene, and mouth cancer may be the ultimate outcome. Here are some common symptoms of palette mouth cancer symptoms you should know;

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Nose Cancer Surgery

By Karen Smith

There are a few cases of nose cancer surgery in many countries: 300 per year, one per 100,000 inhabitants approximately. Almost half (42 percent) is due to professional reasons, linked to exposure to toxic agents (powders, organic solvents, metals), but fortunately today it is increasingly possible to intervene with endoscopic surgery, improving the quality of life of patients and limiting side effects, in particular, possible cosmetic damage.

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Head And Neck Cancer

By Karen Smith

Cancers of the head and neck suggest a social occasion for naturally similar cancers, beginning in the upper aerodigestive tract. This track fuses the lip, the oral opening, the nasal depression, the paranasal sinuses, the pharynx and the larynx.