Understand All About When To Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth As A Parent

Understand All About When To Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth As A Parent

2019-02-07 0 By Karen Smith

You watch your baby drool and fuss around for weeks and finally, you notice that that tiny tooth bud is popping out of the gum. And over the next a couple of years, the baby’s gums will be filled with two rows of white baby teeth.   

As adults we are advised to brush about three times a day, that’s common sense. But for babies things can get fuzzy, and since they cannot do it by themselves, you’ll need to know the ABC for doing it in order to set them on the right path to dental hygiene. As parents, we want our child to have healthy teeth. You can ask your dentist, “Does damage of baby’s teeth affect the future permanent teeth?” You can also ask them for tips on how to take care of your child’s dental health.

This post will help you do that. Read on as we look into “when to start brushing” baby’s teeth, when they grow and the right way to brush their teeth     

When to start brushing your baby’s teeth     

Since babies’ teeth pop-out at different times, there is no standard time as when you should start brushing their teeth. You can start as soon as you spot the first tooth.   

The ADA (American Dental Association), says that tooth decay can begin as early as when the first tooth pokes its way through the gums.   

Some moms also don’t brush their baby’s teeth until they see several of them in their gums, which is okay. However, keeping an eye for that tooth decay is key always.    

When do babies grow their teeth?   

when to start brushing baby's teeth

The baby teeth can emerge between 6-10 months (they can also emerge earlier than six months or even later than ten months, so don’t panic).    

The first set of teeth emerge as pairs on the lower central incisors, then followed by the upper central incisors, about 8-12 months.   

How to brush their teeth.

Once you decide to start brushing the tooth or teeth, it’s recommended that you brush twice each day for about 2 minutes.

So you wet the soft bristled natural fiber toothbrush with a little bit of clean water 

Then you gently brush the tooth or teeth on all sides (front, back, and the sides). Using toothpaste is unnecessary until the child is about two years old. Use of fluoride toothpaste is not recommended. 

Carefully massage your baby’s gum around the tooth.     

Knowing when to start brushing your baby’s teeth is just but the beginning of dental hygiene journey. You should help the child do the right brushing until the age of 6 to ensure they understand how to take care of their own teeth.