The Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

The Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

2018-11-01 0 By Karen Smith

Breast cancer is currently a terrifying disease. The causes of this deadly cancer are unknown even after many years of research. Similarly, it is not clear why some women are more likely to have breast cancer than others.

There are a lot of cosmetic surgeries that people undergo. One of those surgeries is breast augmentation. There are questions linking breast augmentation and breast cancer. Breast augmentation surgeons do not have substantial evidence that it can cause breast cancer.

Although the responsible factors are unknown, some risk factors have been identified. There is no medical evidence to show why these factors increase the likelihood of the disease, but it is an observational study. A large group of women with observed risk factors has found that the risk of breast cancer is very high.

The different risk factors for breast cancer are: living beyond breast cancer

The family history of breast cancer.

If a close relative, such as a mother or sister, has breast cancer, the risk of cancer is very high. This tendency is also observed if distant relatives, such as cousins and aunts, have breast cancer, although the possibilities are lower because family members are more isolated. Even if the male father had a breast or prostate tumor, there is a risk of breast cancer. This clearly indicates that breast cancer crosses known lines through inheritance. Of course, the chances are very high if more than one family member had breast cancer.

Personal history of breast cancer.

If a woman already has breast cancer, there is a high probability that breast cancer will appear again. This is true even if cancer has been eliminated in the mild phase. Occasionally, cancer cells spread to the nearby lymph. It makes cancer possible in the opposite breast.


Women who undergo radiotherapy in the chest area at a young age have an increased risk of developing breast cancer during their future life. Radiation therapy is usually recommended for women with diseases such as Hodgkin’s disease or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That’s why women who have undergone such treatments can become breast cancer in recent years.

By avoiding the following factors, one is guaranteed to living beyond breast cancer.