Signs and Symptoms of Stage 1 Oral Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Stage 1 Oral Cancer

2018-10-29 0 By Karen Smith

Oral cancer is cancer that occurs in the mouth and can spread to the head and neck of the patient. Oral cancer is one of the several types of cancer. It is caused by several factors such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and by excessive use of teeth whitening products. You can prevent oral cancer by avoiding the risk factors that cause it.

Family dentists periodically examine patients during periodic visits to monitor the health of the teeth and gums. This is an important step to detect the presence of cancer in the gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, and roots. Symptoms revealing the appearance of oral cancer, may indicate other oral infections.

stage 1 oral cancer

The following are the most common symptoms associated with stage 1 oral cancer and how to detect them at an early stage.

Blisters and Polyps Forming Inside the Mouth:

The blisters and polyps that sometimes appear in large areas around the mouth and/or the lips are one of the first symptoms of premature oral cancer. The color change usually occurs in red or white, in contrast to the inflammatory response in the early stages of infection. These red and white spots, associated with oral cancer, are signs of abnormalities in the cells of the mouth and throat, indicating the appearance of malignant tumors. This is probably the best time to treat mouth cancer before it spreads to the rest of the head and below.  Oral blisters are quite common. The use of some types of strong spices or hot drinks can cause blisters on the cheeks and gums after heating. They usually heal in a few days if they tend to do so.

Difficulty in swallowing

Although many things can make eating, chewing, swallowing and irritating the gums and esophagus difficult, this is a common symptom that occurs in oral cancer. The inability to move the jaw easily and irritate various types of foods may indicate that the muscles around the mouth are not allergic or stressed.

Irritation in and Around the Ears:

Fatigue can result from normal life. Many people often take their bath or bath for a long time. But the aggressive ear pain in the skin around the ear and probably in the throat was associated with oral cancer.