Para Nasal Cancer Causes And Symptoms

Para Nasal Cancer Causes And Symptoms

2018-12-07 0 By Karen Smith

What is paranasal nasal cancer?

This is a type of cancer that attacks the nose region which includes all the nasal and paranasal tumors. The type of tumor affected will determine the treatment you will undergo. Nasal surgeon qualifications are needed when you want treatment your nose.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Nasal and Paranasal Cancers

-The nose blocks mostly on one side

-Frequent pains around the eyes. The pains may occur below or above the eye.

-May experience draining of pus from the nose.

-Feeling numb and some pains in some parts of the face.

-Their eyes are always watery

-The teeth loosen and feel numb as well.

-Frequent nose bleeding

-The sense of smell and hearing is either weakens or is completely lost.

-The vision begins to change or its completely lost

-Frequent headaches or migraines.

-A lot of pain in the ears that comes with pressure

-They may experience troubles opening the mouth.

-One eye may bulge outwards or sometimes both.

Having one or some of these signs and symptoms does not imply that you have this cancer. These symptoms can be caused by other conditions. The most import thing is to go for check up whenever a symptom arises.

Causes of paranasal cancer

Para Nasal CancerIt is not certain of what causes this type of cancer, but according to research, it shows that there are some risk factors. These factors include exposure to certain chemicals that may damage the DNA of nasal and paranasal tumor cells. These damage of DNA leads to turning on of oncogenes, and some tumor suppressor genes are turned off.

Some people get the gene mutation by inheritance. They get it from parents and these increases chance of getting specific cancers from them.

Exposure to radiations that causes cancer around the nasal region will cause these type of cancer as well.

The good news about the nasal and paranasal cancer is that it can always be cured especially when noted early. It is advisable to visit a doctor often whenever the signs discussed above show up.