Oral cancer surgery aftercare

Oral cancer surgery aftercare

2019-03-29 0 By Karen Smith

Surgery is the usual step for patients who suffer from oral cancer. On the bright side of such dangerous surgery is that it has a high success rate. You will spend the first few days after surgery in the hospital. Doctors and nurses will care for you and assess everything that needs assessing. Once you are healthy enough, you will be released home. But, it is hardest to be your own nurse and doctor at the same time. In most cases, it takes you weeks to get better. During that time you need to pay close attention to everything your doctor said to fully recover from oral cancer surgery. To aid you in your oral cancer surgery aftercare, you can go to Critical Dental’s website for a variety of home oral care tools.

There are many common side effects after the removal of oral cancer.

Lack of energy due to the trauma caused by the surgery. This feeling lasts a different amount of time for different types of people. One of the biggest factors in regaining your former strength is the amount of tissue that got removed during surgery.

Pain is the most common side effect especially during your first few days after the surgery. Some people may be reluctant to start using pain relievers, due to fears of possible addiction. This is where you must trust your doctor. Be sure that he is experienced enough to know what painkiller to prescribe.

Bleeding from the cut can also occur. If it becomes too common and the amount of blood starts to increase be sure to let your doctor know. He will take the necessary steps to stop that from happening.

Some surgeries can remove or damage parts of your mouth that are essential for breathing or talking. You will need to get in touch with another specialist who will teach you or your caregivers breathing or talking exercises. Issues with swallowing are also quite often. But in most cases, a nurse will help you deal with that problem during your first few days in the hospital.