Oral cancer screening cost and more

Oral cancer screening cost and more

2019-06-07 0 By Karen Smith

Majority of people tend to keep on hold of  their usual dental checkups because they are afraid of dentists and the thought of all sorts of dental equipment they see in a dental clinic. Oral cancer screening is one of the dental checkups patients are afraid of most and this fear is growing among many people. Knowing the oral cancer screening procedures and the reason why it is necessary will help  get rid of some of the fears. You can visit oral cancer screening www.dentistryonsolent.com.au/other-services/ for more information about it.

What You Can Expect During the Process

This process is very friendly because it is not painless. This screening can be carried out during your regular dental visit this is advantageous because you don’t have to make special arrangements unless you suspect you are experiencing some symptoms of oral cancer. The oral cancer screening cost is affordable not really expensive.

During the screening, the dentist has to first conduct a visual examination of your mouth to determine whether you have mouth sores, red or white patches on your tongue as well as cheeks and also try to spot if you have any bumps on your tongue. The visual checkup may not detect all the abnormalities and that why a dentist will have to use gloved hands to identify the lumps which escaped detection if any. oral cancer screening cost

Most people are susceptible to mouth sores and patches and these signs are not an indication that one is cancerous. An oral test is not sufficient to differentiate cancerous sores from noncancerous sores so if the dentist spots something unusual, you may be requested to do various additional tests to establish the cause. This may involve getting a sample of cells and having them taken for a further test

Oral cancer ccreening cost and results

The oral screening cost ranges from $35 to $65, though some dentists do not charge extra for it.  And the tests have a high false-positive rate that may lead to unnecessary biopsies. If a suspicious lesion is detected, dentists typically ask the patient to return in two weeks to see if it has improved


There are various symptoms which you need to look at because they may signify something serious. Some of these symptoms include blisters, mouth sores, white patches on the cheeks or tongue, lumps on the tongue as well as numbness in any part of the mouth and also a chronic sore throat.

Importance of Regular Screening

Having regular checkups is very important because if the disease is diagnosed early enough the treatment is easier and also it hinders the spread of other diseases which would have weakened your immune system. Regular screening also enables the dentist to discover any abnormalities in the earlier stages thereby preventing further spread of the disease.