Ocular Melanoma Treatment

Ocular Melanoma Treatment

2019-07-06 0 By Karen Smith

Once it’s confirmed by a doctor that you are suffering from ocular melanoma condition, the choice of the treatment depends on various factors such tumor size, age of the patient, location, overall health, unaffected eye status, and visual potential. Early detection or diagnosis is important because if ocular melanoma is left to metastasized and spread it becomes difficult to treat.

There exist numerous methods of ocular melanoma treatment and an ocular melanoma specialist will help you in deciding the best method for your case. In this text are some of the ocular melanoma treatment that exists today.


This is the most common treatment for ocular melanoma. It involves removing the tumor surgically. The surgery may also be done after radiation therapy.

There different types of surgery they include;

  • Iridectomy- this is done when the tumor is located in the iris. Only the affected parts (tumor parts) of the iris are removed.
  • Enucleation- This involves completely removing the whole eye. This type of surgery is done when the tumor involved is large. The empty socket left by enucleation may be filled by an artificial eye.
  • Iridocyclectomy- this involves both the removal of parts ciliary body and parts of the iris where the tumor has developed.

Radiation ocular melanoma treatment

Radiation is used if the tumor present is small and mostly the most recommended ocular melanoma treatment for the early detected ocular melanoma.

There exist different forms of radiation they include;

  • Plague Brachytherapy and
  • Proton Beam Radiotherapy

Transpupillary Thermotherapy

This involves raising the temperature of the tumor to destroy or kill the cancer cells.
Often used when the tumor is located in the choroid and retina.


This treatment uses the same principle as transpupillary thermotherapy but in this case, it involves lowering of temperature to kill cancer cells. Although this type of treatment is not frequently used.

The other ocular melanoma treatments are gamma knife where a dose of radiation is focused on the affected part once and in intraocular injection, medication is delivered through the injections to the affected parts.