How Is Lung Cancer Diagnosed

How Is Lung Cancer Diagnosed

How is lung cancer diagnosed? It differs from with one person to another. Specialists perform many tests to detect it

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How is lung cancer diagnosed? It differs from one person to another. Specialists perform many tests to decide it. If lung cancer is suspected in a patient, a series of different tests will be done to affirm the presence of the illness (diagnosis), and to discover how widespread the disease has become also called staging. If you suspect you have lung cancer, you can go and have a consultation at after hours medical care.

The following are the tests done:

CT Scans, X-Rays, and MRI Scans

Patients are diagnosed with lung cancer when a doctor arranges a chest X-Ray which is related to another illness. If the chest X-Ray discovers lung cancer, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer-assisted tomography (CT) scan are requested to affirm both the sicknesses diagnosis and staging further.

MRI scans and CT scans are tests that utilize computerized imaging to explain in details the shape, size and correct location of a suspected tumor. Also, the images will demonstrate whether cancer has spread to other areas of the body. If cancer has spread to different organs inside the body, additional tests are requested by the doctor.

How Is Lung Cancer DiagnosedLung Biopsy

In a lung biopsy, tissues are expelled from the tumor and examined under a microscope to affirm whether cancerous cells are available or not. This is done using a needle being embedded through the wall of the chest to take a specimen from the tumor, or through surgery where the wall of the chest gets opened, and all or part of the tumor gets removed.

Lung biopsies are essential to deciding a precise diagnosis, and furthermore to identify the specific sort of lung cancer present in a patient.

Sputum Cytology

Sputum cytology is a test utilized on cells that are coughed up from either the patient’s lungs or breathing tubes, and are inspected under a microscope to see whether they are cancerous or not. The test may likewise decide the specific sort of cancer a patient has, even though it won’t demonstrate the exact location of the tumor. If the sputum cytology test is observed to be sure, additional tests are done.


Staging is a scale utilized by doctors to indicate how widespread the lung cancer is inside a patient. It also helps doctors to decide an exact prognosis or a prediction of the possible future result of the infection. When a doctor assesses the speculation, a suitable treatment plan starts for the patient.

Each different phase of lung cancer is dealt with differently and relying upon the state of a patient.

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