General and Cosmetic Dentistry for Cancer Patients

General and Cosmetic Dentistry for Cancer Patients

2018-11-08 0 By Karen Smith

Killing almost eight million people annually, oral cancer is considered one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. A person’s lifestyle and age are linked to the development of this disease. Whatever the case may be, oral cancer is known as a major health problem. Patients can learn about the oral treatments they can get by reading the Southern Smiles general services and cosmetic services pages. Mouth hygiene should not be forgotten even in the case of cancer.

Cancer develops in the cells, the foundation of tissues that make up our organs. Cells mature and divide to produce other cells as the body requires; they get old and ultimately expire and are replenished by new ones. However, in several cases, this process does not hold and new cells are produced even when the body doesn’t need them, while old cells do not expire when they should. These excess cells then create a bulk of tissue or tumor that can be either benign or malignant. Malignant tumors in the pharynx lead to pharyngeal cancer, the eighth most common type of cancer that afflicts individuals. It is frequent among men, with at least 10 out of every 100,000 individuals affected. Aside from excessive tobacco and nicotine consumption, excessive alcohol intake is acknowledged as a big risk factor for this illness.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry for cancer patients

People should seek help when they start to have difficulty talking, swallowing, opening the mouth, or feel lumps on the neck. Oral cancer can be treated, particularly in its first stages, with surgery as a common method of treatment. This cancer can also be treated with radiation, chemotherapy, and curative surgery, which allows the removal of the tumor while it is still isolated. A highly experienced and certified dentist, with the necessary specialization, could perform debunking surgery to get rid of the accumulation of the cancerous tissues. After that, radiation can take care of the residual cancer cells, to prevent it from harming other body parts. Cancer patients should continue to care about their looks so in case they need to restore their teeth and smile they should seek the cosmetic services of a specialized dentist.