Full Body Scan For Cancer Patients

Full Body Scan For Cancer Patients

2018-12-08 0 By Karen Smith

Cancer is a disease that has affected a lot of people, and an estimated number of people (1,620) die of cancer every day in the US, and this brings the total number of people who die of cancer every year to 590,000. It has also been known that about 4.6% of the United State’s population live and battle with cancer daily.

Cancer is a deadly disease that can bring change to your body. As the cancer cells spread in your body, it brings physical changes to your body. The treatments that are known to cure cancer also changes your body and it can decrease your self-esteem. Thankfully today, there are procedures that can improve your body contour and bring back your beautiful appearance.

This dangerous disease has been known to be the most dangerous and feared disease in the world as it has the ability to kill a person within a few months, the abnormal growth causes cancer, division or lifespan of cells due to cellular changes but what can serve as a cure or prevention to this killer disease?

Cannabinoids have been rumored to be a long-term solution to cancer. But there are no known scientific facts to make these rumors believable. So it’s best everyone sticks to the cancer prevention or management methods such as a Computed Tomography or a full body scan for cancer as it has been known that 6 out of 10 people who die as a result from cancer discovered they had the disease late.

Computed Tomography – How Does This Work?

Full Body Scan For CancerComputed Tomography (CT Scan) which is also known as a whole body scan for cancer is the latest cancer detection method that scientists have discovered. This is a simple method that detects cancer by taking pictures of the body through x-rays from various angles, and then a computer creates a 3-dimensional image of the body as it checks for abnormalities or tumors.

The most commonly scanned areas include the pelvis, chest, head, neck, limbs, and abdomen, this process can be a good way to detect cancer in its early stages. But there’s a major drawback of this scan, and this is extensive radiation exposure.

Who Should Do Your CT Scan?

Your whole body scan for cancer or Computed Tomography scan should be carried out by a well trained radiologic technologist.

How To Get Ready For A CT Scan

  • Do not eat or drink for 4 hours before your appointment
  • Drink only clear liquids
  • Check your kidney function through a blood test to know if you need a contrast medium
  • Talk to your doctor or healthcare team

Does A Full Body Scan Work?

There have been no records to state its ability to aid the prevention or early management of cancer, but you should definitely go for it to ensure total wellness, the benefits outweigh the risk of radiation exposure, but children should not go for a CT Scan.

Still thinking? Talk to your healthcare team and get that CT Scan done!