Difficult Breast Revision Surgery

Difficult Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision surgery can be extremely complex, and the proper implementation of such surgery requires exceptional surgical techniques,

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Breast revision surgery can be extremely complex, and the proper implementation of such surgery requires exceptional surgical techniques, experience and extreme attention to detail. The difficulty in these particular cases is in performing the procedure. In general, any woman undergoing breast augmentation will need some kind of breast correction in the future. However, there are many other reasons why women need breast surgery.

When deciding on a type of augmentation or revision, it’s extremely important for the patient to see a certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with considerable experience and expertise in the field. You can visit the websites of clinics for breast revision surgery in Sydney to read about the procedure, complications and things to consider.

The need for breast revision surgery results from a number of different causes, ranging from problems with surgical placement or position of the original implant, problems with the actual implant, problems with the patient’s breast tissue properties, and sometimes a combination. Inappropriate surgical placement or position of an implant can lead to problems such as puncture and double-bladder deformation or high riding implants.

Soil formation occurs when the implant appears low on the chest, and the nipples seem to be in too high a position. Bleeding often requires reconstructing the inner capsule and often requires a breast lift with skin removal along the chest. Double bladder deformity occurs when implants are misplaced and positioned too high. To remedy this complication, patients usually require a capsulotomy (scar tissue release) and an implant replacement kit.

Due to the fact that implants are an artificial product, there is always the possibility of the implant rupturing or leaking in both silicone and saline. It’s generally obvious when a saline implant snaps or leaks because the breast looks deflated, but silicone may appear different, so it’s important to keep following with your surgeon to prevent complications.

If one is to arise, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Implants that are drop-shaped or anatomically shaped can rotate over time to create a distorted and abnormal appearance of the breast. For patients with this complication, the implant must be removed and replaced and changed to a round implant. Some patients who undergo breast augmentation may wish to resize, whether larger or smaller and may also need a breast lift to accompany the second surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery

In some cases, patients have problems with their breast tissue characteristics and may require revision or reconstructive surgery. Capsule contracture is possible in a small number of women undergoing breast augmentation. This happens when scar tissue forms around the implants, making it difficult to touch and visibly deform.

To correct these problems, patients must undergo a capsulotomy and/or capsulectomy, depending on the professional judgment of the surgeon. Women often suffer from the asymmetry of the breast. In some cases, however, the difference can be severe. Women who suffer from severe breast asymmetry require different sizes of breast implants to achieve a smooth, symmetrical appearance.

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