The recommended diet for cancer patients

The recommended diet for cancer patients

2019-01-21 0 By Karen Smith

Cancer is one of the bravest diseases to fight. Most cancer patients find it hard to choose the best diet that will assist them in battle with the disease. Therefore diet for cancer patients is very important since it either makes the body of a cancer patient strong or weak and hence it’s very important to know the type of diet to take.

Diet is not only important for cancer patients. It improves our health and helps us to be fit. It also helps us in losing excess fat from our body. All of us don’t want to have excess fat that’s why we seek different methods to lose fat. Others choose diet and exercise while some decide to undergo plastic surgery. If you are interested in plastic surgery, visit Sydney liposculpture clinic to find out more.

For the cancer patient, here is the best diet one should take.
  • Fruits and vegetables 

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will give your body valuable and useful substances for fighting off cancerous cells. Raw vegetables are probably the best because all the practical chemicals are kept intact for your body to absorb and use. Fruits such as oranges and lemons contain anti-cancer chemicals that have been shown in studies to stop cancer cells from growing. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, chemicals that can remove harmful oxygen free radicals that damage the genetic materials in cells. 

  • Water 

While there is no scientific evidence to show that getting enough water would be beneficial for cancer, it is probably a good idea to do so anyway. Lack of water puts the body under stress. Specialists suggest one should be taking eight glassesful of water every day. If you don’t like drinking water, add some lemon juice to it. There’s evidence that citrus fruits like lemon and oranges may be useful in cancer treatment and prevention.

  • Protein Sources and Dairy Products   

A diet high in proteins such as lean meats, chicken, beans and fish is good for cancer patients. The reason is that they are needed to keep the bone strong and for tissue repair. It is also needed to promote growth and skin repair. When selecting dairy products, select low-fat products. Prefer consuming numerous low-fat yogurt, cheese, and milk rather than the ones with normal fat contents. 

  • Grain Foods 

When deciding which type of grains, always select whole grains. This food group is a good source of carbohydrates for those who have cancer. The body uses carbohydrates for generating energy. Examples of grains include rice, pasta, cereals, and bread. Always check the box to ensure that you pick more of whole grains rather than refined grains.

Diet for cancer patients

Population studies have uncovered that a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits seems to cut down the chances of certain types of cancer. While there is no research to prove that following a balanced diet could cure cancer clearly, it does make sense. This will give the body the best chance of getting rid of existing cancer cells and give the patients the energy necessary to survive through these rather difficult times.