Why it is essential to go for a dental cancer screening?

Why it is essential to go for a dental cancer screening?

2019-03-10 0 By Karen Smith

The primary goal of undergoing an dental cancer screening is to prevent the spread of cancerous tissues in the mouth cavity. In case you need one, we’d be very happy to assist you. Set your appointment with us! Undergoing dental cancer screening is necessary so that the lesions and the cancer tissues are removed early. This screening increases your chances of being cured. During your dental routine visits, they will examine your mouth cavity for any abnormal cells. In case you have the following symptoms, it is imperative that you notify your dentist right away.

White patch in the mouth cavity
Difficulty chewing
A sore area on the lips and throat
Difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue
Pain on the lips

It is worth noting that these can be signs of other oral infections, or they can be signs of oral cancer. The ideal thing to do is to inform your dentist of the symptoms. The dentist will schedule a dental cancer screening, to be sure if it is indeed oral cancer.

dental cancer screening

Pre-disposing factors of Oral cancer

Some factors contribute to the formation of the cancerous cells. They have been backed up research. Cell mutation remains the most probable cause for disease, though scientists are divided on what initiates the mutation, research findings will provide facts in the future. The factors include;

Age – research findings have proven that the risk of developing cancer increases with age. The average age, in this case, is 62 years according to this site
Tobacco use – tobacco contains carcinogenic compounds that may initiate cell mutation process; this will result in red patches on the lips. This factor may become a symptom of cancer.
Extreme sun exposure – when exposed continuously to the sun, the lips get burned by the rays, and this triggers the development of oral cancer. Research is still needed to back this factor. It is still unclear if the amount of UV light in the sun rays can trigger the cell mutation.


Once you feel or see the symptoms mentioned above, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. After screening for oral cancer, your chances of surviving oral cancer will be much higher than a late diagnosis.