Can your regular dental 6 month check up save you from cancer?

Can your regular dental 6 month check up save you from cancer?

2018-12-17 0 By Karen Smith

Regular dental check-ups allow the dentist to check if you have any dental problems and they help to keep the mouth healthy. When problems lay untreated they may lead to tooth loss and pain. It could also lead to a condition becoming progressively worse while it could have been detected relatively early had one visited the dentist earlier. Prevention is better than cure. Read more about preventive dentistry at

Even though you have good oral hygiene it is advisable to visit the dentist regularly so they can monitor you for early signs of oral cancer, gum disease and dental decay. If not detected in time, oral cancer can progress and become fatal. During the regular dental checkups your dentist can carry out an examination to check for any abnormalities. The exam is non-invasive, quick and pain-free. It involves the dentist shining a special light in the mouth cavity so as to catch signs of any dead tissues from forming tumors. The doctor also examines your cheeks and your tongue too. They also scan the face, neck and lips and examine the lymph nodes in the neck looking for any potential abnormalities such as discoloration or lumps.

6 month check up at dentist

If one goes for their 6 month checkup, it allows the dentist to detect cancer symptoms on time which would potentially save your life. Dental checkups are important because they focus on the prevention of oral diseases as well as treating diseases early before they get serious. Teeth are meant to last you a lifetime. Regular visits will ensure that you prolong the life of your teeth and that you avoid invasive and extensive procedures later on in life.
There are some habits that put one at a higher risk of getting oral cancer. Smoking and alcohol raise one’s risk. You are also at risk if you have a blood-relative who has been diagnosed with oral cancer.

Once a dentist notices early signs of oral cancer they are able to direct the patients to proper treatment facilities. There is a need to be proactive by visiting the dentist often so as to catch diseases early raising the chances of recovery.