Finding Cure for Childhood Cancer

Finding Cure for Childhood Cancer

2019-06-19 0 By Karen Smith

Childhood cancers are debilitating and fatal as those of adults. Children can get cancer if they are at risk and doctors are still trying to figure out why childhood cancers occur. The most common cancers are brain and spinal cord cancerous tumors. These conditions lead to abnormal cell growth in the child’s spinal cord and brain. Different brain tumor types inhibit specific areas of the brain. They vary from one child to another and are not easily predictable.

Cerebrum which is the largest section of the brain affected mostly. It’s responsible for learning, coherent speech, balanced emotions, deep thinking, and voluntary body movements. Cerebral childhood cancers will definitely interfere with speech, posture, and emotions. The other part which is affected is the stem which links the spinal cord to the brain. The stem is responsible for heart rate moderation, seeing, hearing, walking, and standing. Tumors that develop inside cerebellum are referred to as rhomboid tumors while those that originate elsewhere are known as metastatic tumors.

cure childhood cancerThe common ways to cure childhood cancer is through chemotherapy, radiation, and imaging test. The child can receive treatment as an inpatient or outpatient. Chemotherapy drugs can be administered through intramuscularly, intravenously or by pills. The child will experience pain and burning sensation when injected.

For brain tumor victims, anti-cancer drugs are injected into the spinal fluid. Any tumor originating in the spinal cord or brain is easier to cure than those originating somewhere else. Children oncologist may opt for chemotherapy and radiation together to deliver a more effective treatment. Radiation is effective for tumors and soft tissue cancers. Brain stem tumors are usually detected by imagining techniques. Chemotherapy drugs can cause severe burns if they leak out from the vein.

As a parent familiarize yourself and ensure they are taken correctly. You can also devise a system for your child to keep track of the medication process.